Photo Story: Evanston Bicycle Club’s 37th Annual North Shore Century Ride

The early morning departure from Dawes Park for the Evanston Bicycle Club’s 37th Annual North Shore Century Tour. Credit: Wendi Kromach

Starting early in the morning on Sunday, Sat. Jan. 18, cyclists of all ages gathered at Dawes Park, 1700 Sheridan Rd., on the shore of Lake Evanston for the Evanston Bicycle Club’s annual North Shore Century Ride.

Credit: Wendi Kromach

This is the 37th year that people have taken the various paths that meander through the North Shore — some going 25 miles, others choosing to take routes of 50, 62 or 100 miles. Roundtable reporter Wendi Kromash rode with her dog, Fig. And along the way, she took pictures, enjoyed the day, the volunteers, and she talked to other cyclists.

Credit: Wendi Kromach

Sunny Kahn and her son, Nader, who live in Evanston, ride their bikes regularly. Nader sits in a separate seat that’s attached like a trailer to Sunny’s bike.

Together, father and son have taken many long hikes, including regular jaunts to Navy Pier. Nader was one of the youngest riders on the North Shore Century Ride. This photo was taken at the Glencoe rest stop, known throughout the cycling community for including ice cream among its delicious range of refreshments. Delicious!

Alongside them was volunteer Tzippora Rhodes, a mechanic who works at the Recyclery Collective, 7628 N. Paulina St., in Chicago. The non-profit organization calls itself “an educational bike shop” and takes donations of used bikes and teaches people how to fix bikes.

The Rhodes store was one of six that volunteered to staff rest areas to help with repairs for cyclists. The other five stores were: Amlings Cycle, Niles; Highland Park trek; Velosmith Bike Studio, Wilmette; Wheel & Sprocket, Evanston and Zion Cyclery.

Evanston Bicycle Club Presents 37th Annual North Shore Century Credit: Wendi Kromach

Jim O’Connell and Ed Edens are longtime friends. About a month ago, Edens caught COVID-19 and wasn’t sure if she could attend the event. But he rallied, and the two friends knocked out the 50-mile ride.

More than 160 Evanston Bicycle Club members volunteered to help organize the event, doing everything from providing food and water at rest areas to coordinating registrations to communications and logistical support .

Credit: Wendi Kromach

Carrie Costanza finished her ride and stopped for refreshments. Pickle juice is a well-known way to reduce the longevity of leg cramps after strenuous exercise. His verdict after drinking it: “It’s delicious!” Pickles were also available.

One of the special things about this ride is that the members of the Evanston Bicycle Club also prepare treats for the cyclists. There were 20 club members who cooked throughout the summer, freezing cookies and bread to feed the riders.

Arturo Jáuregui and Eddie Santiago are both lawyers who work in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago and both are also active cyclists. The two have covered 50 miles. It was their third North Shore Century Ride. They said they loved it and looked forward to it every year.

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