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Kudos to Niles City Council for keeping the new bike lanes on Hartzell Avenue.

I frequently travel by bike to run errands, without needing my car. These include groceries, haircuts, pharmacy, and hardware items.

Making our roads bike-friendly has been shown to improve the quality of life in our communities. Cycling is great exercise. It also reduces gas consumption. Traveling by bicycle can reduce traffic congestion and parking needs. For example, Pittsburgh is now connected by a series of designated bike paths and trails. Bring a good bike lock and forget about parking fees.

Europe has known the benefits of bicycle travel for decades. In Germany, designated railway carriages transport bicycles and their riders from town to town, allowing many to leave their vehicles at home. There is less fuel consumption and reduces the country’s dependence on oil and improves its environment. This is all the more important now with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

I strongly encourage Niles and the surrounding communities to incorporate cycling into the infrastructure. Bike lanes will make cycling safer and more enjoyable, thus making it more popular. Let’s continue with these cycle paths. The environment may thank us one day. Hartzell Avenue is a good start!



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