Month: February 2021

This hilarious video will absolutely convince you to buy an electric bike

As e-bike sales have hit record numbers lately, fewer people need a lot of persuasion to get out of a car and onto a fun, energy-efficient e-bike. But for the few people scratching their heads and wondering what the fuss is about, this video is for you. The 5-minute video is technically clever marketing from […]

The e-bike demo program kicks off

Source: Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) EZ Bike Project, a new electric bike (e-bike) demo program run by SBCAG Traffic Solutions Division, kicks off by offering a wide range of free e-bike demos of various models, including cargo bikes, cruisers, city ​​bicycles and folding bicycles for local residents and commuters as a measure […]

Aventa lightweight e-bike launched by FuroSystems

FuroSystems has just unveiled the company’s latest urban electric bike, the Aventa. Fresh out of a £750,000 funding round, UK e-mobility company FuroSystems is adding the lightweight Aventa to its range. At just 16.5 kg (36 lbs), the aluminum alloy e-bike is definitely on the lightweight end of the e-bike spectrum. Although we’ve seen lighter […]

New 30% US tax credit introduced for e-bike sales

Federal legislation was introduced today to create a federal tax incentive for the purchase of e-bikes in the United States. Electric cars and motorcycles already have their own federal tax incentives in the United States, and now e-bikes could be next. That’s thanks to the Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment (E-BIKE) Act, which […]

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