Month: November 2020

Watch this e-bike ambulance in action fly through heavy traffic

Bikes, and especially e-bikes, are often the fastest way to weave through city traffic. So it only makes sense to see them transform into electric ambulance bikes for first responders. That’s exactly what a team at tech company Wunderman Thompson Paris set out to do when they designed their own e-bike ambulance. They teamed up […]

Aventon Level Electric Bike Review: Please Take My Money!

I used to bemoan the high cost of e-bikes, but lately we’ve seen prices go down while component quality goes up. And the Aventon Level Electric Commuter Bike is a prime example of fair pricing paired with quality components. And the performance is great to boot! Aventon Level Electric Bike Review We’ve reviewed Aventon e-bikes […]

Ducati unveils new ‘pure performance’ e-bike and updates other bikes

Ducati is following just behind fellow motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson in rolling out new e-bikes for the 2021 season. While last week’s announcement from Harley-Davidson saw new urban-oriented e-bikes from the legacy motorcycle maker, Ducati’s e-bikes are built for the dirt. The latest electric mountain bike to earn the Ducati badge is the new TK-01RR electric […]

E-bike chargers replace ashtrays in the Netherlands

Finish the old, make way for the new! Dutch train stations are getting a facelift, including replacing their old ashtray terminals with new e-bike charging stations. Some days the world smiles at you when you wake up to wholesome, old-fashioned good news. Today is one of those days. After Holland banned smoking in all of […]

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