Month: October 2020

Harley-Davidson launches an e-bike so you can say you ride a Harley

On November 16, Harley-Davidson unveils its new bike: a real bike. The Serial 1 is the first electric bike in what will be a new product line from the American motorcycle manufacturer. Harley-Davidson introduced its first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, last year, but soon ran into production issues (with the battery). The company doesn’t share […]

Harley-Davidson launches new e-bike company Serial 1 Cycle Co

That’s it. Harley-Davidson has been teasing us with the prospect of its own in-house e-bikes for over two years. And today, the bar-and-shield motorcycle maker finally announced its new dedicated e-bike brand known as Serial 1 Cycle Company. The brand name is a tribute to the very first motorcycle ever built by Harley-Davidson in 1903, […]

E-bike sales are higher than ever, but that’s created a new problem

While the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world and the e-bike industry with it, the pandemic has also led to a huge increase in e-bike sales. Almost every company that offered e-bikes soon found itself with empty shelves and warehouses. Between people who are at home with more free time, cyclists coming out of lockdowns […]

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