Month: September 2020

Lamborghini makes Aventador-inspired racing bike

The limited-edition bike shares design cues from the dreaded Italian supercar that set a Nürburgring record. Lamborghini Lamborghini has teamed up with Cervelo Cycles of Toronto to create a racy bike dressed in a limited edition Aventador livery. Lamborghini Specifically, the Cervelo R5 Automobili Lamborghini Edition sports the same gray, black, white and orange camouflage […]

Sales of electric bicycles and electric motorcycles explode positively this year

While the COVID-19 pandemic has decimated some parts of the global economy, it has also created unique economic engines in others. One of the “winners” of the new world we live in has been electric two-wheelers like electric bicycles and electric motorcycles, which commuters have turned to in droves. Most e-bike and e-motorcycle companies are […]

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